1. Frank Ch. Eigler

    What an unfortunate question. In practice, the inaccuracies
    of the measurements and the unreality of the linear interpolation
    assumption will render the difference between 290/30 and 310/31
    absolutely moot.

  2. Michelle

    The question is testing if you can read the winds aloft correctly and if you understand that they are always reported in degrees true.

    Answers 1 and 3 are wrong because the winds are reported as magnetic.
    Use the 6000 feet values, which are close enough to the flight altitude 5,500 feet.
    Average winds are approximately an average of 28 kts @ 270 degrees and 32 kts @ 310 degrees true
    Answer 4 cannot be correct because it’s 310 degrees.
    Answer 2 remains, and makes sense because 290 degrees is halfway between 270 degrees and 310 degrees and 30 kts halfway between 28 kts and 32 kts.

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