1. Thanks Dan,

    I found your article via Twitter with a search for “Comm1.” You’ve done a GREAT job on your review. I wish I would have seen it before I wrote mine as you raised the bar a bit. Great job!

    I’m really enjoying this software and hope it will keep me fresh between flights (which seems to be longer and longer these days).


  2. Man that Jason guys seems pretty ok!


    Glad you liked it Dan! Hope it turns you into the professional pilot you aspire to be!

    Best of wishes!

  3. Mary

    Just started using this program to practice radio communications. I think it will help me remember what I’ve heard and get familiar with the appropriate responses. Only flaw I see so far is not being able to go back to a specific point in the lesson. Sometimes I want to practice or listen to one thing a few times and the lesson always starts from the beginning.

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