Engineering Student Survival Guide

I was looking through the ERTW – Engineers Rule The World Facebook group and came across this picture:

The caption below it mentions an Engineering Survival Guide so of course I decided to Google it. To my surprise there is such a book (I don’t know why I’m surprised, after all there is a Zombie Survival Guide and anyone who has gone through school as an engineering student knows we’re not far off).

The great part of it is, Google has is as a Google book for your online perusal. I’m not sure if it’s a full copy of it but still. From what I’ve seen so far, it’s pretty good so go ahead and give it a looksee for yourself (click “Preview this book” at the top to read it).

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Pranktum ergo Sum

Erin Millar over at Maclean’s Edumacation (sic) wrote a nice article (also long and pretty detailed) on the longstanding tradition of pranking. The article revolves around the “hanging of the beetle” prank done by UBC Engineers (read the article for more info).

Take a read and delight in well done pranks. Maybe get some ideas….