1. Mike K

    Hi Danny,
    I built a FreeTrack setup like you mentioned above – works really well and only cost a few dollars. I’m using an old USB webcam, and hot glued the IR LEDs to a hat. Makes flying a tight circuit easy, versus nearly impossible without the setup.

  2. Danny

    Hey Mike,

    Thanks for the comment!

    Did you have to do anything to the webcam? I saw mention of people having to remove the IR filter before being able to use it.

  3. Mike K

    I removed the IR filter which turned out to be easy, and used a piece of old floppy disk taped to the lens as a cheap visible light filter. Without any modification the camera worked fine in a darkish room, just not when there was strong sunlight coming through the window. Without the IR filter (and with visible filter), it seems to work in all conditions.

    Overall it took about an hour to assemble the LEDs and to modify the camera. The only cost was three LEDs and a battery.

  4. Max Web

    Hi Dan , I use the Microsoft Lite Headset also , how did you get the talk button to work in Microsoft Flight Sim ?

    Many thanks , Keep up the good work


  5. Danny

    Hi Max,

    I didn’t actually get it working at all, didn’t bother. I just use the headset for the great sound it provides and not to actually communicate.

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