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  1. Loyal

    Funny you should call it a cat… I was thinking about it the other day, after watching this video, and concluded that this probe is kind of like a famous cat. That cat would, of course, be Schrödinger’s cat.

    Why? Well, consider that the communications delay (14m) is just about double the length of EDL (7m OF TERROR). So when the probe contacts the atmosphere and says “Hey, I’m about to do this thing” we won’t hear about it until seven minutes later… the time it takes to land. That means by the time Earth observes that the probe is about to land.. the probe has landed and is, in fact, either dead or alive on the surface Mars.

    It’s not until we “open the box” seven minutes later that we know for certain which fate befell Curiosity. It exists in the same state as the cat for seven whole minutes.

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