Homicide, life on the streets (of Toronto)

In light of this past weekend’s murders, the area of focus for Toronto based news outlets (papers, blogs, etc.) is on homicides.

Toronto Police Cruiser

The Torontoist, is running a series entitled Metrocide, taking a look at statistics and how the city’s homicide rate has changed over the years. Today’s entry, Metrocide: A History of Violence begins with

1981 was the first year for Canada’s Wonderland and NOW, the year of the Toronto bathhouse raids, and the year that Terry Fox died. That year, Toronto the (still) Good had 40 less homicides than there were in 2007—and the second-highest homicide rate of any year since.

The Toronto Star has a more somber look at murders committed between 2005 and now. Taking advantage of Google maps, it plots each murder on a map of the GTA complete with the victim’s names and other details about the homicide. The map is sortable by year, age, gender and type (as in shooting or non-shooting).