An average landing

I had my instructor film my approach and landing today as we were coming back from the practice area. This is a view from the passenger’s seat (so when you go flying with me, this is what the landing will look like). I wouldn’t say it was my greatest landing but it certainly was not the worse. Have a look below!


  1. Bhavin Mehta

    Nice Landing man! It reminds me the day I landed Cessna once. Btw, what is that hole in the front dashboard?

  2. Epic landing. Looked very precise from my opinion. I liked how the aircraft always stayed on the center-line and that your instructor wasn’t clumsy with the video camera. He held it steady and didn’t move it around too much. Overall terrific video!

  3. Danny

    Thanks, Gimli. It’s one of the first things my instructor figuratively “beat” into me: HIT THE CENTRE every time. I’m waiting to record a new one in the Cessna’s I fly now.

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