An airport outing

Yesterday my family celebrated my grandmas 75th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA!). We went to the Mandarin in Hamilton since my family absolutely loves Chinese buffets.
Mandarin buffet
After the restaurant I decided to give my mom and grandma a tour of the Piper Cherokee so that they can see exactly what it is I’m flying. After I gave them a “walk around” (which I do before I even get in the plane, every single time, we took some pictures (I’ve added them to my CYHM flickr set):
C-FTDS was our gracious host for the day.
FTDS and I
My grandma, myself and my mom with FTDS and a Cargojet behind us.
Grandma, me, mom and FTDS
I asked them if seeing the plane has put their minds at ease about my flight lessons but unfortunately it did not. Oh well, it was worth a shot!
Check out my CYHM set for other pics from John C Munro Hamilton International Airport.

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  1. Mom

    Just to say that you are wrong. After our “walk around”, after I saw the air plane , I felt more relief about your flying hobby. When I listen to the explanation that you gave it to us( actually the passionate way that you did it), when I saw you around the air plane so confident and so happy I’ve realized that I was a fool having so many concerns. I am proud of you.
    Keep up the good work!

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