Flying DanWelcome to Dan’s Landing, my home on the web.

I am an IT professional, aviation geek, flight sim pilot and all around tinkerer in software and hardware. I graduated from McMaster University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering and Management and have worked in integration and deployment and support of network and IT systems. I am involved with Python Hamilton, DIY Pinball and a number of IoT startups in the Greater Toronto area. Check out my LinkedIn profile below for more information on my work experience.

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To get in touch with me directly drop me a line at danny at dannyvacar dot ca or check out my Tweets and LinkedIn profile below.

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Posts on this website, especially those related to aviation and flight training, are intended for educational purposes only. The information they are based on is most likely out dated and incomplete. Make sure to always check with a licensed flight instructor and carry the most up to date information with you. Keep in mind that I am just a student pilot and any advice I mention here is not meant to replace actual instruction from a qualified flight instructor.