A creepy love letter to Juno McGuff

I stumbled upon TOTALLY CRUSHIN': Juno McGuff on the Brock Press site and after reading it I am a bit creeped out and amused.

I’m not sure if this is a regular column published in the paper but I still think it’s really weird to write a letter to someone (fictional nonetheless) and tell them you want to

“…ride my bike to your house, guitar strapped to my back, Sunny D in hand, and we could strum and sing and kiss and cuddle and you could tell me all about who you are, who you want to be and what you believe in and I could tell you how pretty you are, how much I appreciate that you exist, that you’re awesome and sassy but not sassy in that awful, daytime TV way and we could kiss again and snuggle and talk about it on your hamburger phone and exist for no one else but each other and I could love you forever and forever and forever until the world ends, the universe explodes and until the very last neutron of hope and love and wonder spirals through the galaxy and drifts into oblivion.”

That falls under the REALLY creepy category for me.

If you don’t know who Juno McGuff is, first of all get out from under your rock and while checking out show times in your area YouTube the trailer or watch it below.

If you go to the movie’s IMDB site, and check out the forums (or really check out any forum where Juno is discussed) you’ll find a lot of people saying the film promotes teen pregnancy and gives teens the impression that it’s as easy as having the baby and giving up for adoption. This is the main criticism I have found on the tubes and quite frankly it’s bull. Sure the movie isn’t exactly accurate in depicting the whole pregnancy experience (I don’t know what exactly that is since I don’t plan on experiencing pregnancy) but if you look at it as a whole EVERYTHING is treated lightly and humorously. Juno isn’t meant to be a “cautionary whale” but a “light-hearted feel good movie” as my sister called it.

On last check, people are complaining that the movie is over rated. It all depends on your expectations going in. Knowing Michael Cera’s performance in Superbad, the year’s MAJOR comedy motion picture, I wasn’t expecting a very serious movie on the subject. To be honest I would have been disappointed if it had been. Definitely the cheese to the macaroni of movies in 2007.